Synergen Power - A peaking generator for the National Electricity Market

When ENGIE began operations in South Australia at Pelican Point in 1999 it subsequently acquired the long-term lease of Synergen Power.

It is a peaking generator operating out of four power stations across the state.

Synergen has ten generating units; four natural gas fuelled turbines located at Dry Creek and Mintaro and six diesel fuelled turbines at the Snuggery and Port Lincoln locations.

The four stations have a combined generating capacity of 396 MW of electricity which is supplied into the National Electricity Market (NEM) during periods of high demand, particularly on days of high temperatures.

Four power stations
10 generating units
396 MW generation capacity
Natural gas and diesel fuelled turbines
National Electricity Market provider
Ancillary service provider to the AEMO
Synergen also provides several other services to the NEM including System Restart Ancillary Services to AEMO, Network Support Services to ElectraNet and support for the transmission network.

Synergen Power is a joint venture of ENGIE (72 per cent) and Mitsui & Co Ltd (28 per cent).

Natural gas is a colourless, odorless, flammable gas that usually contains about 90% methane. It can be found in deep underground rock formations, often alongside oil or coal. It’s one of the main energy sources in the world. As a lower intensive fossil fuel, natural gas is playing a crucial role in helping the world transition to low-carbon energy production.

Although coal and oil still account for around 60% of global energy consumption, natural gas meets 21% of global demand. Offering much lower CO2 emissions than other fossil fuels, it’s an important alternative that provides a low-carbon bridge on the road to a zero-carbon future.

Gas-fired electricity generation – such as ENGIE’s Pelican Point Power Station in South Australia – makes an important contribution to energy security and stability, as well as complementing renewables, such as wind and solar. Following a $75 million upgrade, the 487MW Pelican Point Power Station is one of the most environmentally friendly of its type in Australia.

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