Renewable Energy Solutions

Reduce your environmental footprint and your energy costs with a global leader in renewables

Renewable energy makes good business sense.

The Climate Council of Australia reports that almost half of the nation’s major companies have made the switch to clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy in a bid to take control of their power bills and address their impact on the environment. Financial benefits are driving the uptake. Renewable energy delivers cost savings compared to conventional energy agreements.

“Simply, Australian businesses are turning to renewables because it makes good business sense to do so.”

Climate Council of Australia report

The benefits go far beyond cost savings.

The Business Renewables Centre of Australia say that while corporate leaders are switching to PPAs to achieve a lower-cost, and more predictable, electricity supply solution for their businesses, the benefits of Corporate PPAs can go far beyond simply securing cheaper electricity.

They are driving broader environmental, social, and economic benefits, and helping businesses meet their broader corporate sustainability goals.

How can we help

ENGIE is the world’s largest independent power producer and we are leading the global transition to a zero-carbon future. We have real solutions, available today, that will help you get there too. We’re pushing the limits and constantly innovating, helping businesses to use energy more efficiently, reduce costs and help the environment.

ENGIE owns several utility-scale renewable energy projects, has rights to several others, and is developing 500 MW of additional renewable energy projects to supply energy to our corporate customers via renewable PPAs.
With 2000MW announced under the renewable energy equity platform, ENGIE is making a sizeable contribution to the progress of renewable energy production in Australia.

Our solutions are simple, flexible and can be staged over time to meet your changing business needs. Every day, all around the world, we’re supporting businesses to transition to zero carbon and we’d love to talk to you about how we can help you get started on your renewable journey.

Call 1300 306 894 or fill in our contact form today and let’s get the conversation started.

Power Purchase Agreements

Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are the future of energy.

A PPA is a fixed term contract that guarantees you an agreed amount of electricity from renewable sources at a fixed price.

Financial Benefits

  • long-term affordability
  • protection from price rises
  • switch to renewable energy without owning or maintaining equipment
  • backed by the world’s largest independent power producer
  • generate customer goodwill

Environmental Benefits

  • supporting investment in renewable energy
  • linked to renewable energy sources
  • reduces your carbon footprint
  • meets your sustainability goals fast
We’d love to chat about how we can tailor a renewable PPA solution to suit your business objectives. Our global experience allows us to help you easily understand and navigate the PPA contract process, and as a major player in the Australian renewable PPA market, we have a wide range of options available.

Renewable energy solutions

Our renewable energy solutions are extensively customisable and include PPA and onsite solar PV systems.

Buy your power directly from our renewable energy generators to access fixed rates for long-term savings.

  • 100% of your supplied electricity volume originates from renewable sources
  • Provides a medium to long-term hedge for energy prices and environmental charges
  • More demand for renewable energy means more investment in building renewable generation
  • Price certainty for the period of the Corporate PPA
  • Can deliver better value for large buyers compared to a retail PPA because there are no intermediaries
  • Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) can meet your indirect compliance obligations

Which solution is right for me?

Both PPA and onsite solar PV systems do not require a capital outlay and deliver financial and environmental benefits, but there are a huge number of factors to consider before determining the best solution for your business.

Our energy consultants can work through the decision process with you and design a solution that helps you achieve your business objectives.

Call us on 1300 306 894 or fill in our contact form for free expert advice.

Our Credentials

We’re helping L’Oréal achieve their sustainability goals

We’re helping NSW and ACT pubs and hotels join the energy revolution

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    We’re helping L’Oréal achieve their sustainability goals

    L’Oréal Australia will be powered by 100% renewable electricity under a long-term energy supply agreement with ENGIE.

    L’Oréal’s Australian renewable energy targets will be met by a combination of green energy supplied through our Willogoleche Wind Farm and the purchase of large-scale certificates from Willogoleche which help underpin new investment in renewable energy.

    By committing to a 5 year power purchase agreement (PPA) through our retail arm, Simply Energy, L’Oréal Australia will experience many benefits. Not only will they be powered by 100% renewable energy, they will also enjoy long-term affordability, improved price visibility and expense certainty.

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    We’re helping NSW and ACT pubs and hotels join the energy revolution

    ENGIE and Simply Energy have partnered with the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) to create the world’s first industry-scale renewable energy offer.

    By aggregating the electricity consumption of participating AHA members, ENGIE can offer medium-sized customers similar benefits to their big business counterparts. The retail load of hundreds of hotels and pubs is combined and participating businesses can access potential savings and greater price certainty by signing up to a power purchase agreement (PPA) through our retail arm, Simply Energy.