Is your commercial air conditioning breaking the bank?

Occupant comfort is not optional – it’s mandatory in any commercial building.

Commercial air conditioning solutions can be huge strains on the budget – investment in equipment, running costs and maintenance can be significant.

Energy efficiency is important for meeting sustainability goals and expense reduction…

But the key factor overall is return on investment.

What if we told you we’ve got a solution that could save you 50% on operating costs?

A solution that offers exceptional energy efficiency, runs quietly, has low maintenance requirements, is safer than traditional systems and can be serviced remotely anywhere in the world?

A solution with an exceptional payback story?

ENGIE quantum chillers are the solution that ticks all the boxes.

Still considering a traditional refrigerant cooling system?

Businesses that continue to rely on traditional refrigerant cooling systems:

Consume more power

Traditional systems consume more energy to achieve the same result, which costs more and bad for the environment

Require more maintenance

Quantum chillers use an oil-free compressor and contact-free magnetic bearings resulting in significantly less wear and tear

Have higher operating costs

More power use and more maintenance means higher operating costs – quantum chillers can save around 50%

ENGIE quantum chillers are a smart choice.

For over 30 years, we’ve been an innovator in the design and delivery of commercial cooling infrastructure.

  • We provide a dedicated Project Manager for the whole project, from design through to commissioning and completion.
  • Our chillers can be commissioned or diagnosed from anywhere in the world, so you get fast, specialist support.
  • We’re experts in energy efficiency and our quantum chillers can be integrated with other products to maximise the overall result.

Our work in action

We worked with the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney to upgrade their mechanical plant room which dated back to 1981. A core part of the upgrade was the installation of two quantum chillers, which resulted in initial savings of 23% in electricity costs alone.

We worked with our quantum design engineers in Germany to develop new generation, high-efficiency compact chillers tailored for the retrofit market, in particular where crane expenses normally add significant costs to a project.

The chiller components were designed to fit the hotel’s goods lift size and weight limitations, saving more than $150,000 a day in crane costs that would have been required using a traditional replacement program. The innovative chiller design also allows the evaporator and condenser vessels to be transported in the lift, without the need for split vessels, removing the risk of costly repairs for leaking gaskets during the life of the chillers.

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