Fire protection systems that save lives (and your margins).

In the commercial construction game, there’s a lot of things to get right.

Fire protection systems are highly specialised, technical and heavily legislated, as they should be, because lives depend on them working properly every time.

Are you looking for a partner who can make sure your system is reliable and compliant, but not over-cooked?

Are you tired of being dragged across the coals for every little variation along the way?

What you need is a partner who can design, install, commission, induct, service and maintain fire protection systems for your new building or upgrade projects.

A partner who relentlessly searches for design efficiencies that will save you money without compromising on safety.

A partner who is flexible and responsive who won’t sting you with huge variation fees when the unexpected happens.

The wrong choice will cost you.

You could miss potential cost savings

Get an expert second opinion on system optimisation for better outcomes.

Deadlines missed and defects to manage

Not all service providers have the same stringent processes and dedication towards achieving deadlines.

Reputational damage with your client

If you need to pass large variations on to your client, you’re the one who ends up looking bad, not the supplier.

Make sure you choose the right fire protection specialist.

Cover all the bases

Look for a partner who excels across system design, specification, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

A flexible approach

Some companies make a point of charging high on any variation – make sure you check their policy to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The right response

Inexperienced operators can over-specify fire systems to guarantee compliance, but why waste your money on that?

A national footprint

Make sure your provider has good coverage in your area, with specialist staff, expert technicians and responsive service.

Your fire protection needs - sorted.

We are the flexible and reliable fire protection partner you’ve been looking for.

  • 9 locations across Australia
  • 250 technicians
  • 100 management and admin staff
  • Experts in fire protection

We get it – change happens

No matter how careful the specification process – we all know that things can change throughout the construction period.

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to managing variations – we’ll work with you to incorporate changes along the way in the most efficient manner and we’ll only charge you what’s necessary – no big surprises for you to explain to your customer, just reasonable uplifts based on changes in scope.

Your Team

State Operations Manager

Oversees service delivery, contract management and customer relationships

Dedicated Account Manager

A convenient single point of contact, manages day to day customer contract, service delivery and technician selection

Transition Manager

Manages contract set up, IT integration, mobility deployment, technical support and maintenance plan development

Contract Administrator

Manages scheduling, customer reporting and daily administration including invoicing and work order management


Your skilled and experienced installation team who are generally identified during the bidding stage

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