You’re a tenant – you want efficiency.

You’re an operator in an older building. The energy use is high and the equipment is aging. You want an upgrade so that you can cut your power usage and expenses. Plus, you want to be able to promote your green credentials to your customers – they love that stuff!

You’re an asset owner – you want to reduce capital expenditure.

It’s time to replace the equipment in your building, but you’d rather keep your capital expenditure down to maximise your returns. Going green is a nice to have, and it might help with occupancy, but the bottom line is the most important thing.

The Solution

We can help you move to a low carbon footprint without the big capex. How? With integrated energy efficient solutions that we can:

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Boost energy efficiency and go green – it is possible.

It’s not a simple question of balancing investment versus efficiency – there’s also sustainability to consider. To reduce your overall carbon footprint, you need to review where your power is coming from [supply side], as well as where your power is being used [demand side]. Choosing green power options and energy efficient equipment are great places to start:

Thankfully, ENGIE has business units that specialise in all of these critical areas.

You can relax – we’re here to help you navigate the complexity of capex versus efficiency, supply side and demand side sustainability, and we’ll show you how to make it stack up financially with guaranteed expenses and no risk.

Contact us for a preliminary walk through audit to identify opportunities and get the process started.

Energy efficiency is the new black.

You cannot afford to be left behind in the energy efficiency race – there’s too much at stake. Companies that keep their head in the sand:

Consume more power

Using more power means higher operating costs for asset owners who may look elsewhere for a better deal

Are less sustainable

Customers prefer sustainable brands - 66% of consumers say they would spend more on a product if the brand is green

Experience higher risk

Older equipment is more likely to fail, require unexpected maintenance and lead to variable supply and reliability

Customised, integrated solutions.

We can design, fund, build, own and operate energy efficient facilities for you for an agreed length of time and then transfer the optimised and efficient assets back to you at no cost.


  • Energy savings
  • Plant efficiency
  • Fixed fees
  • Availability


  • ROI
  • KPIs
  • Energy metering
  • Monitoring

Risk transfer

  • Project delivery
  • Asset performance
  • Insurance
  • Repairs and maintenance


  • Optimised plant transferred at end of term
  • Choice of utility and equipment suppliers

ENGIE’s integrated solutions process:

Our happy customers

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

The Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney needed to upgrade its aging mechanical equipment, but convincing the building owners to spend more than $2M on a new plant was difficult.

Enter ENGIE. We devised a scheme to design, fund, build, own and operate the facility for 12 years and then transfer the assets to Four Seasons at no cost.

Once system optimisation is complete, the team expects annual energy savings of 26 per cent on electricity and 16 per cent on gas.

“The BOOT scheme proposed by ENGIE Services was a unique approach for this type of project. It allowed us to gain the energy savings from installing new equipment and systems without having to make a big capital investment upfront”

Cyril Uboldi | Director of Engineering

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