Data centre design you can rely on.

A well-functioning data centre with maximum uptime is essential for business continuity. Even thinking about the loss of productivity and loss of face caused by down-time sends a shiver down the spine of anyone responsible for their company’s data.

If you’re building or upgrading your data centre, you need a partner who wants to take complete responsibility for your every requirement.

Someone who gets that you need to be always on.

Someone who cares about energy efficiency as much as you do.

You’ve come to the right place. We are all this and more.

Data centre failure can be catastrophic.

The average cost of an unplanned outage is about $8,851 per minute, translating to a total average cost of $740,357 per outage. Ouch.

Considering most outages can be prevented, it’s worth investing in the right solution.

lost customers

lost revenue

lost productivity

Look for a data centre specialist.

Specialist, Dedicated Staff

Check that your data centre supplier uses experts who do data centres day in, day out. You don’t want a generalist on this critical task.

Smart, Experienced Designers

Check out the projects that they’ve designed before – are they like yours? Are you impressed? Make sure the design credentials are there.

Managed Services

Remote hands services provide technical support full time or in an emergency to minimise downtime and protect infrastructure.

Single Point of Contact

You’ll need a dedicated Project Manager from design through to commissioning and completion to ensure a stress-free process.

Facilities Management

ENGIE has 500,000m2 of data centre space under facilities management, so you can feel confident that we have the experience to look after you too.

National & Global Footprint

Make sure your supplier has adequate in-house coverage in your region. If you have multiple sites internationally, a global presence is valuable.

Check the Fine Print

We have uptime measurement criterion along with service level agreements for power back up, humidity and temperature to reduce the chance of failure.

Energy Efficiency

Australia’s 107 data centres use almost 4% all energy used, so you need a partner who offers efficiency solutions that save you money and help the environment.


Why muck around with multiple suppliers and contracts when you can have a single person managing the design, install and management of multiple building and efficiency services?

We offer peace of mind in data centre design, installation and operation.

For over 30 years, we’ve been an innovator in the design and delivery of data centre infrastructure.

We provide a dedicated Project Manager for the whole project, from design to commissioning and completion.

We offer a customer portal and remote hands services that provide support and backup 24*7*365.

We have specialist technicians Australia-wide, and work with global partners for multi-country roll-outs.

Our happy customers

ENGIE designs, installs and maintains data centres for some of Australia’s largest organisations and cloud computing service providers.

The thing is, our customers would prefer we don’t shout their names from the rooftops, or announce the location of their critical infrastructure – they are understandably a security conscious bunch.

Here’s what we can share…

Technology Sector Electrical Infrastructure

We designed, modelled and delivered all electrical services and monitoring to a new state-of-the-art data centre hall for a major player in the technology sector.

Finance Communications Infrastructure

We designed, modelled and delivered communications infrastructure to a new world-class data centre for one of the big four banks.

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