Keeping ahead of the game with the latest AV solutions.

To attract and retain top medical talent, you need to offer the best technology and tools that make your team’s jobs easier and allow them to provide outstanding patient care.

Audio Visual systems that provide efficient communication and instant access to data are now mission critical. Hospitals need reliable, specialist equipment that can withstand the rigours of the clinical environment, because lives depend on it.

Whether you’re building a new hospital or upgrading an existing facility, investing in a completely integrated AV solution will ultimately improve patient outcomes and your bottom line.

Busy hospitals invest in the very best AV systems.

Don't get left behind

Around 7 out of 10 hospitals now provide digital messaging systems

Keep people safer

Digital signage can link to emergency systems to keep everyone safe.

Look after your staff

Technology attracts and retains staff and digital signage reduces workplace injury by 20%.

Don’t waste resources

AV systems can be centrally managed and offer excellent value

Don’t be a slow poke

AV systems allow for rapid information transfer, collaboration and diagnosis

Avoid financial strains

AV systems add efficiencies and offer excellent ROI

AV solutions help you help them.

What difference a fully integrated audio-visual system can make:

  • Better communication and collaboration across sites
  • Crystal clear sharing of patient information
  • Immediacy of data sharing for rapid decision making
  • Touch screens, image and audio capturing devices
  • Accessibility improvements with audio, visual and multilingual options
  • Centralised management for efficient use of resources
  • Excellent value equation over the life of the product
  • Improved safety and security – can be tied into emergency systems

Why do you need a specialist medical AV partner?

  • Experienced with specialised medical grade equipment that’s robust enough for constant use within sterile environments
  • Understands the need for 100% equipment reliability
  • Understands medical protocols
  • Dedicated remote or on-site support

How AV is used in hospitals:

Medical Imaging & Diagnostics

Remote Specialist Support

Education & Medical Simulation Facilities

Operating Theatre AV Equipment

Patient Entertainment Systems

Patient Information Systems

Waiting Room & Meeting Room AV


Medical AV technology – sorted.

We can take the stress out of managing the ever-increasing complexity of AV in your healthcare facility.

Reliable, medical-grade equipment backed by expert support – it’s just what the doctor ordered.

We have over 30 years’ experience.

Thousands of projects within hospitals and medical centred deployed Australia wide.

Ongoing support with remote or on-site technical staff.

Our buying power gives you access to a wide range of products at the best possible price.

We get it – ROI is critical.

There’s no doubt – in healthcare, competition for budget is intense and the buck stops at the bottom line. We’re Australia’s leading supplier of AV solutions for the medical industry.

Let us help you build a business case for investing in the right AV solutions for your healthcare facility.

Our happy customers

Safer outcomes for patients

“All of the video and audio data streams on a separate secure VLAN on the converged network. It automates patient details, embeds them onto the video, and automatically files it securely.”

Manoje Indraharan | Operations Manager | CHW Consulting

Lower downtime

“St Vincent’s Hospital Cancer Services have a long-standing relationship with ENGIE AV. They were instrumental in setting up the information technology for our Cancer Services Multidisciplinary meeting space. It is vital that the technology in this room is functioning at its highest capacity with limited downtime, which is made possible through ENGIE’s ongoing support. We have found the staff at ENGIE to be extremely responsive in assisting with any technical issues whether it be via phone or sending out their technicians in person.”

Lesa Stewart | Group Manager Cancer and Palliative Care Services | St Vincent Hospital

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